Fire Alarm Activation's

Has your fire alarm operated?

Not sure what to do?

With any Fire Alarm System activation you are required to call the New Zealand Fire Service to attend so they check the building for any signs of fire and if safe to do so silence the alarm. You will need to dial 111, ask for the Fire Service, then carefully follow instructions given to you from the operator. If your Fire Alarm system is monitored the Fire Service will attend automatically (call 111 regardless of this) and a notification will be sent to the appropriate Fire Protection Company, if this is not the case, then after the Fire Service have attended and have given the all clear to return inside then the best way to find out who services your system is by locating the Main Fire Alarm Panel or Mimic Panel and looking for information there, these are generally located at the front of buildings but this is not always the case.

If you are having trouble either locating the correct information or contacting someone to help feel free to give us a call and we will look to assist you as best as possible.